Subsector "Retail" for Finland

Navn Ticker Sector Subsector ISIN
Kesko Oyj AKESKOAConsumer ServicesRetailFI0009007900
Kesko Oyj BKESKOBConsumer ServicesRetailFI0009000202
Kamux OyjKAMUXConsumer ServicesRetailFI4000206750
Stockmann Oyj Abp ASTCASConsumer ServicesRetailFI0009000236
Stockmann Oyj Abp BSTCBVConsumer ServicesRetailFI0009000251
Tokmanni Group OyjTOKMANConsumer ServicesRetailFI4000197934 OyjVERKConsumer ServicesRetailFI4000049812
Musti Group OyjMUSTISpecialty RetailersRetailFI4000410758

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