Newest shorted companies in Sweden

List of companies which has gone from a zero percent short to a positive short.

# Company Short started Date Without short for
1.Powercell Sweden7 days ago2021-04-298 days
2.Readly International15 days ago2021-04-215 days
3.Kambi Group Plc37 days ago2021-03-30222 days
4.Essity B37 days ago2021-03-30150 days
5.Byggmax Group44 days ago2021-03-235 days
6.Tele2 B48 days ago2021-03-1920 days
7.Getinge B49 days ago2021-03-184 days
8.Orexo70 days ago2021-02-250 days
9.Enad Global 7 Ab70 days ago2021-02-258 days
10.G5 Entertainment72 days ago2021-02-230 days
11.Raysearch Laboratories B77 days ago2021-02-180 days
12.Stillfront Group87 days ago2021-02-080 days
13.Loomis Ab97 days ago2021-01-290 days
14.Eolus Vind B105 days ago2021-01-21136 days
15.Husqvarna B107 days ago2021-01-1974 days
16.Alfa Laval114 days ago2021-01-1218 days
17.Pandox B149 days ago2020-12-08116 days
18.Fast. Balder B199 days ago2020-10-19826 days
19.Sectra Aktiebolag199 days ago2020-10-192 days
20.Clas Ohlson B226 days ago2020-09-2212 days
21.Securitas B230 days ago2020-09-180 days
22.Mips230 days ago2020-09-180 days
23.Skanska B230 days ago2020-09-180 days
24.Hennes & Mauritz B230 days ago2020-09-180 days
25.Modern Times Group B230 days ago2020-09-180 days
26.Attendo230 days ago2020-09-180 days
27.Telia Company265 days ago2020-08-140 days
28.Scandic Hotels Group290 days ago2020-07-202 days
29.Electrolux B316 days ago2020-06-2416 days
30.Hoist Finance630 days ago2019-08-1510 days
31.Fingerprint Cards B790 days ago2019-03-080 days
32.Tobii805 days ago2019-02-2159 days
33.Saab B990 days ago2018-08-20187 days
34.Intrum1,893 days ago2016-02-291 day
35.Mycronic1,987 days ago2015-11-272 days
36.Elekta B3,138 days ago2012-10-0237 days
37.Cellink BN/A*--
39.Nelly GroupN/A*--
40.Lime TechnologiesN/A*--
41.Maha EnergyN/A*--
42.Ica GruppenN/A*--
43.Alm Equity PrefN/A*--
44.Ascelia PharmaN/A*--
45.Samhällsbyggnadsbo. I Norden BN/A*--
46.Bayn EuropeN/A*--

*Longer than available data.

Updated: 2021-05-06 13:50