Most shorted companies in Norway by value

Most shorted by percent
# Name Value (NOK) %
1.Aker BP2,778.3 M1.70%
2.TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company1,036.5 M8.00%
3.Autostore Holdings911.2 M1.50%
4.VÅR ENERGI763.0 M1.00%
5.Borr Drilling677.0 M3.90%
6.NEL673.6 M8.90%
7.Crayon Group Holding573.6 M7.90%
8.Subsea 7479.9 M1.10%
9.SalMar464.0 M0.50%
10.MPC Container Ships416.9 M6.00%
11.Nordic Semiconductor405.5 M2.30%
12.Norwegian Air Shuttle224.4 M1.40%
13.BW LPG217.9 M1.10%
14.Hoegh Autoliners ASA195.3 M1.00%
15.Norske Skog188.2 M5.40%
16.Ultimovacs176.9 M3.60%
17.PGS165.8 M2.70%
18.Entra111.5 M0.60%
19.Grieg Seafood106.4 M1.50%
20.Scatec86.0 M0.80%
21.REC Silicon79.7 M2.00%
22.Elkem74.9 M0.60%
23.Aker Horizons AS52.6 M2.10%
24.DNO51.3 M0.60%
25.Shelf Drilling41.9 M0.70%
26.Aker Carbon Capture33.6 M0.70%
27.Zaptec29.1 M1.80%
28.Himalaya Shipping Ltd19.8 M0.50%
29.OKEA11.8 M0.50%
30.Magnora9.7 M0.50%
Sum: 11,056.09 M
Updated: 2024-02-23 17:32

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