Biggest short players by value Sweden in SEK

# Name # of positions Value
1.Marshall Wace Llp94.047 M
2.Aqr Capital Management Llc42.063 M
3.Viking Global Investors Lp11.766 M
4.Kintbury Capital Llp41.583 M
5.Canada Pension Plan Investment Board31.406 M
6.Ako Capital Llp31.218 M
7.Two Creeks Capital Management Lp3989 M
8.Linden Advisors Lp1983 M
9.Citadel Advisors Europe Limited2954 M
10.Fosse Capital Partners Llp4941 M
11.Greenvale Capital Llp1902 M
12.Gladstone Capital Management Llp5870 M
13.Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership9812 M
14.Blackrock Investment Management (uk) Limited1717 M
15.Alcur Fonder Ab6705 M
16.Qube Research & Technologies Limited8618 M
17.Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd6514 M
18.Wellington Management Company Llp3498 M
19.Yiheng Capital Management Lp1430 M
20.Boldhaven Management Llp4421 M
21.Mirabella Financial Services Llp4392 M
22.Lmr Partners Llp2374 M
23.Perbak Capital Partners Llp1355 M
24.Samlyn Capital Llc2345 M
25. Millennium Capital Partners Llp 1294 M
26.Dnb Asset Management As1266 M
27.Systematica Investments Limited2242 M
28.Capeview Capital Llp2234 M
29.Rtw Investments Lp1219 M
30.Kuvari Partners Llp1208 M
31.Eleva Capital S.a.s1198 M
32.Pantechnicon Advisors Llp1191 M
33.Citadel Advisors Llc2176 M
34.Shadowfall Capital & Research Llp1167 M
35.Praxis Alpha Partners Llp1158 M
36.Tfg Asset Management Uk Llp1151 M
37.Wellington Management International Limited2127 M
38.Sona Asset Management (uk) Llp1126 M
39.Walleye Capital Llc2126 M
40.59 North Capital Management Lp1122 M
41.Parvus Asset Management Europe Limited1122 M
42.Ahl Partners Llp1119 M
43.Pictet Asset Management Sa1119 M
44.Whitebox Advisors Llc2112 M
45.Ennismore Fund Management Ltd3110 M
46.Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited180 M
47.Millennium International Management Lp175 M
48.Armistice Capital Llc273 M
49.Thunderbird Partners Llp167 M
50.System 2 Capital Llp167 M
51.Worldquant Llc465 M
52.Helikon Investments Limited162 M
53.Pictet Asset Management Limited156 M
54.Talomon Capital Limited154 M
55.Edward Adkins150 M
56.Argonaut Capital Partners Llp247 M
57.Balyasny Europe Asset Management Llp138 M
58.Gsa Capital Partners Llp436 M
59.Point72 Asset Management Lp129 M
60.Kontiki Capital Management (hk) Limited129 M
61.Voleon Capital Management Lp128 M
62.Acadian Asset Management Llc112 M
63.Cereza Plegar Ab19 M
64.Citadel Advisors Ii Llc18 M
65.Sylebra Capital Limited13 M
66.Philip Ohlsson11 M
Updated: 2023-12-04 17:51

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