All short players in Norway

Current and historical positions

Abaco Asset Management Llp: 1 company
Acadian Asset Management Llc: 3 companies
Adage Capital Management L.p.: 2 companies
Ahl Partners Llp: 8 companies
Airain Limited: 2 companies
Ako Capital Llp: 1 company
Alpha Blue Ocean Inc: 1 company
Alpine Associates Management Inc.: 2 companies
Altair Investment Management Limited: 3 companies
Altitude Capital As: 1 company
Antipodes Partners Limited: 1 company
Aqr Capital Management, Llc: 7 companies
Argonaut Capital Partners: 1 company
Arrowgrass Capital Partners Llp: 2 companies
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership: 18 companies
Aslan House Capital Llp: 1 company
Astaris Capital Management Llp: 1 company
Balyasny Europe Asset Management Llp: 1 company
Basso Capital Management: 1 company
Bayberry Capital Partners Lp: 1 company
Blackrock Institutional Trust Company, National Association: 4 companies
Blackrock Investment Management (uk) Limited: 9 companies
Bluecrest Capital Management Limited: 1 company
Bluemountain Capital Management, Llc: 1 company
Bnp Paribas Sa: 2 companies
Bodenholm Capital Ab: 2 companies
Bogle Investment Management, L.p.: 6 companies
Boussard & Gavaudan Investment Management Llp: 2 companies
Brenham Capital Management, L.p.: 1 company
Brigade Capital Management Lp: 1 company
Bronte Capital Management Pty Ltd: 3 companies
Bybrook Capital Llp: 1 company
Caius Capital Llp: 1 company
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board: 2 companies
Capeview Capital Llp: 1 company
Capital Fund Management: 12 companies
Capstone Global Master (cayman) Limited: 1 company
Carlson Capital Uk Llp: 1 company
Carmignac Gestion: 1 company
Castle Creek Arbitrage Llc: 1 company
Catella Fondförvaltning Ab: 1 company
Citadel Advisors Europe Limited: 1 company
Citadel Advisors Ii Llc: 9 companies
Citadel Advisors Llc: 31 companies
Citadel Europe Llp: 9 companies
Citadel Gp Llc: 1 company
Citadel Securities Gp Llc: 3 companies
Columbia Management Investment Advisers, Llc: 1 company
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.: 13 companies
Cosimo As: 2 companies
Covalis Capital Llp: 1 company
Cqs (uk) Llp: 2 companies
Credit Industriel Et Commercial: 1 company
Cubist Systematic Strategies, Llc: 2 companies
D. E. Shaw & Co. (london), Llp: 2 companies
D. E. Shaw & Co., L.p.: 3 companies
Davidson Kempner European Partners Llp: 1 company
Discovery Capital Management, Llc: 1 company
Dnb Asset Management As: 3 companies
Elliott Investment Management, L.p: 1 company
Encompass Capital Master Fund Lp: 1 company
Ennismore Fund Mangement Limited: 6 companies
Europe Asset Management: 1 company
European Asset Management: 1 company
Exoduspoint Capital Management, Lp: 1 company
Exor Capital Llp: 1 company
F2 Funds As: 2 companies
Fender Eiendom As: 2 companies
Formue Nord Fokus A/s: 1 company
Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited: 4 companies
Gam Capital Management (switzerland) Ltd Lugano Branch: 2 companies
Gladstone Capital Management Llp: 1 company
Glenernie Capital Ltd: 1 company
Glg Partners Lp: 6 companies
Graham Capital Management L.p.: 1 company
Graham Capital Management, L.p;: 1 company
Greenlight Capital, Inc: 1 company
Gsa Capital Partners Llp: 27 companies
Guevoura Fund Limited: 8 companies
Guttis As: 1 company
Helikon Investments Limited: 2 companies
Highbridge Capital Management Llc: 3 companies
Horizon Asset Llp: 1 company
Hrteu Ltd: 2 companies
Investment Ab Öresund: 1 company
Jane Street Group Llc: 2 companies
Janus Henderson Investors Uk Limited: 1 company
Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd: 24 companies
Kairos Investment Management Limited: 1 company
Keel Capital S.a., Sicav-sif - Foghorn X2: 1 company
Key Group Holdings Cayman Ltd: 2 companies
Kgh Ltd: 1 company
Kintbury Capital Llp: 1 company
Kite Lake Capital Managment (uk) Llp: 2 companies

Kuvari Partners Llp: 3 companies
Lansdowne Partners (uk) Llp: 1 company
Linden Advisors Lp: 3 companies
Liontrust Investment Partners Llp: 1 company
Livermore Invest As: 1 company
Lmr Partners Llp: 4 companies
Lone Pine Capital Llc: 2 companies
Luminus Management: 1 company
Luminus Management, Llc: 2 companies
Macquarie Funds Management Hong Kong Limited: 2 companies
Magnetar Financial Llc: 1 company
Maple Rock Capital Partners Inc.: 4 companies
Marshall Wace Llp: 35 companies
Maverick Capital, Ltd.: 1 company
Mcp (switzerland) Sarl: 1 company
Melqart Asset Management (uk) Ltd: 2 companies
Menta Capital Llc: 2 companies
Merian Global Investors (uk) Limited: 1 company
Middelborg Invest As: 1 company
Millennium Capital (difc) Limited: 1 company
Millennium Capital Partners Llp: 9 companies
Millennium International Management Lp: 27 companies
Mirabella Financial Services Llp: 4 companies
Moore Europe Capital Management, Llp: 1 company
Myriad Opportunities Master Fund Limited: 2 companies
Nordic Frontier As: 1 company
Numeric Investors Llc: 5 companies
Oceanic Investment Management Limited: 3 companies
Och-ziff Management Europe Limited: 2 companies
Odey Asset Management Llp: 2 companies
Old Mutual Global Investors (uk) Limited: 2 companies
Omam Inc: 1 company
Oslo Asset Management As: 1 company
Oxford Asset Management Llp: 11 companies
Parvus Asset Management Europe Limited: 3 companies
Patrick Sullivan: 1 company
Pdt Partners, Llc: 12 companies
Peder Veiby: 2 companies
Pentwater Capital Management Europe Llp: 2 companies
Pictet Asset Management Sa: 1 company
Point72 Asset Management, L.p.: 3 companies
Point72 Europe (london) Llp: 7 companies
Point72 Middle East Fze: 1 company
Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.: 1 company
Polus Capital Management Limited: 1 company
Polygon Global Partners Llp: 4 companies
Portsea Asset Management Llp: 1 company
Psquared Asset Management Ag: 2 companies
Quartys Limited: 1 company
Qube Research & Technologies Limited: 8 companies
Qube Research & Technologies Ltd: 5 companies
Qvt Financial Lp: 2 companies
Ram Active Investments Sa: 4 companies
Renaissance Technologies Llc: 14 companies
Sandbar Asset Management Llp: 2 companies
Schroder Investment Management Limited: 1 company
Sculptor Capital Management Europe Limited: 3 companies
Segantii Capital Management (uk) Limited: 1 company
Segantii Capital Management Limited: 2 companies
Sir Capital Management, L.p.: 1 company
Sissener As: 1 company
Soros Fund Management Llc: 1 company
Sparebank 1 Markets: 2 companies
Squarepoint Ops Llc: 3 companies
Stelliam Investment Management Lp: 1 company
Sundt As: 2 companies
Susquehanna International Holdings Llc: 3 companies
Susquehanna Ireland Limited: 1 company
Sylebra Capital Limited: 1 company
Syquant Capital: 3 companies
Systematica Investments Limited: 6 companies
Taiga Fund: 1 company
The Mangrove Partners Master Fund, Ltd.: 2 companies
Think Investments Lp: 1 company
Third Point Llc: 1 company
Thunderbird Partners Llp: 2 companies
Tigerstaden As: 4 companies
Tt International: 3 companies
Tt International Asset Management Ltd: 1 company
Tycoon Industrier As: 3 companies
Ubs Asset Management (uk) Ltd: 4 companies
Ubs O'connor Limited: 2 companies
Valiant Capital Management: 1 company
Verition Multi-strategy Master Fund Ltd.: 1 company
Voleon Capital Management Lp: 28 companies
Vor Capital Llp: 1 company
Wellington Management Company Llp: 3 companies
Westchester Capital Management, Llc: 1 company
Whitebox Advisors Llc: 2 companies
Winton Capital Management: 2 companies
Worldquant Llc: 29 companies