Xbrane Biopharma - history

Summary for all available positions (SEK):
Worldquant Llc earned 0.71 million (full history)

Total sum: 0.71 million SEK earned in 4 positions
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2023-10-122023-10-120.520.1519.52Worldquant Llc0.09M
2.2023-09-152023-09-250.5632.2528.25Worldquant Llc0.62M
3.2023-09-132023-09-140.6131.2532.25Worldquant Llc-0.17M
4.2023-09-082023-09-120.5332.4531.25Worldquant Llc0.17M

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