Tethys Oil - history

Summary for all available positions (SEK):
Worldquant Llc lost -1.14 million (full history)
Voleon Capital Management Lp earned 2.20 million (full history)

Total sum: 1.06 million SEK earned in 8 positions
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2022-04-122022-04-120.5578.5081.70Worldquant Llc-0.56M
2.2022-04-062022-04-110.6178.4078.50Worldquant Llc-0.02M
3.2022-03-302022-04-050.574.9078.40Worldquant Llc-0.56M
4.2020-06-122020-06-121.4245.3046.00Voleon Capital Management Lp-0.32M
5.2020-06-122020-06-110.5345.3045.30Voleon Capital Management Lp0.00M
6.2020-06-082020-06-111.3851.6045.30Voleon Capital Management Lp2.78M
7.2020-05-272020-06-050.7948.4051.60Voleon Capital Management Lp-0.81M
8.2020-05-202020-05-260.8250.5048.40Voleon Capital Management Lp0.55M

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