Frontline - history

Summary for all available positions (NOK):
Point72 Asset Management, L.p. earned 1.73 million (full history)
Westchester Capital Management, Llc lost -84.30 million (full history)
Magnetar Financial Llc lost -241.86 million (full history)
Alpine Associates Management Inc. lost -19.92 million (full history)

Total sum: 344.35 million NOK lost in 8 positions
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2023-07-142023-07-270.5158.52156.98Point72 Asset Management, L.p.1.73M
2.2023-02-242023-03-010.54182.96197.84Westchester Capital Management, Llc-18.01M
3.2023-01-252023-02-230.69134.98182.96Westchester Capital Management, Llc-74.40M
4.2023-01-182023-01-240.88139.10134.98Westchester Capital Management, Llc8.11M
5.2023-01-262023-02-281.56130.54192.22Magnetar Financial Llc-215.52M
6.2023-01-032023-01-251.56123.00130.54Magnetar Financial Llc-26.35M
7.2023-01-182023-02-060.51139.10154.50Alpine Associates Management Inc.-17.92M
8.2023-01-172023-01-170.84138.04139.10Alpine Associates Management Inc.-2.00M

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