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No hits in active positions.


# Company Short Position value Stock price Latest price change Pos. value change Startdate stock price Total value change
1Securitas B0.63 %370.80 M 107.8+1.7 (+1.6%)-5.85 M 85.56-76.50 M
2Avanza Bank Holding0.60 %209.65 M 223.1-0.1 (-0.04%)+0.09 M 186.15-34.72 M
3Intrum2.26 %95.24 M 34.96-1.69 (-4.61%)+4.60 M 73.12+103.95 M
4Castellum0.66 %269.52 M 124.35-0.95 (-0.76%)+2.06 M 110.85-29.26 M
Sum:945.21 M0.9 M-36.528 M


No hits in active positions.

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