# Company Short Position value Stock price Latest price change Pos. value change Startdate stock price Total value change
1Instalco AB1.10 %135.63 M 47.32-0.31 (-0.65%)+0.89 M 42.12-14.90 M
2Vestum AB0.70 %31.78 M 12.115-0.55 (-4.3%)+1.43 M 18.63+17.09 M
3Electrolux Professional B0.50 %71.79 M 51.4+0.2 (+0.39%)-0.28 M 44.38-9.81 M
4Sdiptech B1.10 %86.40 M 219.4-10.2 (-4.44%)+4.02 M 226.00+2.60 M
Sum:325.6 M6.06 M-5.019 M


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.

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