# Company Short Position value Stock price Latest price change Pos. value change Startdate stock price Total value change
1Electrolux Professional B0.61 %111.70 M 65.55-0.2 (-0.3%)+0.34 M 45.06-34.92 M
2Instalco AB1.35 %134.92 M 38.4-0.66 (-1.69%)+2.32 M 31.18-25.37 M
3Sdiptech B1.55 %144.82 M 259.6+3 (+1.17%)-1.67 M 218.60-22.87 M
4Vitec Software Group B0.50 %95.80 M 552.5-2.5 (-0.45%)+0.43 M 590.00+6.50 M
Sum:487.24 M1.42 M-76.654 M


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.

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