# Company Short Position value Stock price Latest price change Pos. value change Startdate stock price Total value change
1Beijer Ref B0.52 %363.79 M 146+2.5 (+1.74%)-6.23 M 135.50-26.16 M
2Telia Company0.51 %491.72 M 24.52-0.15 (-0.61%)+3.01 M 24.05-9.43 M
3NIBE Industrier B0.60 %609.34 M 56.96-1.18 (-2.03%)+12.62 M 62.88+63.33 M
4SCA B0.60 %540.12 M 141.15+0.3 (+0.21%)-1.15 M 149.50+31.95 M
Sum:2004.97 M8.25 M59.694 M


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.


No hits in active positions.

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