Newest shorted companies in Sweden

List of companies which has gone from a zero percent short to a positive short.

# Company Short started Date Without short for
1.Byggmax Group6 days ago2021-01-130 days
2.Alfa Laval7 days ago2021-01-1218 days
3.Alimak Group8 days ago2021-01-111 day
4.Hansa Biopharma11 days ago2021-01-0846 days
5.Readly International18 days ago2021-01-0171 days
6.Stillfront Group18 days ago2021-01-013 days
7.Cell Impact B22 days ago2020-12-282 days
8.Pandox B42 days ago2020-12-08116 days
9.Recipharm B50 days ago2020-11-3045 days
10.G5 Entertainment57 days ago2020-11-2372 days
11.Getinge B60 days ago2020-11-200 days
12.Smart Eye63 days ago2020-11-17352 days
13.Fast. Balder B92 days ago2020-10-19826 days
14.Sectra Aktiebolag92 days ago2020-10-192 days
15.Skf B105 days ago2020-10-064 days
16.Clas Ohlson B119 days ago2020-09-2212 days
17.Securitas B123 days ago2020-09-180 days
18.Hennes & Mauritz B123 days ago2020-09-180 days
19.Hexagon B123 days ago2020-09-180 days
20.Millicom Int. Cellular Sdb123 days ago2020-09-18102 days
21.Oncopeptides123 days ago2020-09-180 days
22.Mekonomen123 days ago2020-09-180 days
23.Mips123 days ago2020-09-180 days
24.Skanska B123 days ago2020-09-180 days
25.Attendo123 days ago2020-09-180 days
26.International Petroleum Corp.123 days ago2020-09-180 days
27.Modern Times Group B123 days ago2020-09-180 days
28.Billerudkorsnäs123 days ago2020-09-180 days
29.Orexo140 days ago2020-09-010 days
30.Telia Company158 days ago2020-08-140 days
31.Dometic Group167 days ago2020-08-0540 days
32.Kindred Group169 days ago2020-08-0357 days
33.Scandic Hotels Group183 days ago2020-07-202 days
34.Electrolux B209 days ago2020-06-2416 days
35.Raysearch Laboratories B348 days ago2020-02-06145 days
36.Hoist Finance523 days ago2019-08-1510 days
37.Fingerprint Cards B683 days ago2019-03-080 days
38.Tobii698 days ago2019-02-2159 days
39.Peab B734 days ago2019-01-1654 days
40.Sca B755 days ago2018-12-26385 days
41.Saab B883 days ago2018-08-20187 days
42.Intrum1,786 days ago2016-02-291 day
43.Mycronic1,880 days ago2015-11-272 days
44.Jm1,912 days ago2015-10-2613 days
45.Elekta BN/A*--
47.Ica GruppenN/A*--
48.Enad Global 7 AbN/A*--
49.Alm Equity PrefN/A*--
50.Samhällsbyggnadsbo. I Norden BN/A*--
51.Electrolux Professional BN/A*--

*Longer than available data.

Updated: 2021-01-19 17:49

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