The Mangrove Partners Master Fund, Ltd.Norway

Summary for all available positions:
Lost -11.09 million on Aker Solutions (history)
Earned 16.82 million on Pgs (history)
Sum: 5.73 million NOK

Note: Ongoing positions are updated after the stock exchange is closed. To see todays movement, see active positions.

Aker SolutionsTotal value change: -11.09 million NOK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2020-07-012020-07-168.37010.2100.6%1,632,856-3.004 M
2.2020-04-272020-06-306.6008.3700.85%2,328,592-4.122 M
3.2020-04-152020-04-247.2906.6000.77%2,106,3451.453 M
4.2020-03-192020-04-144.7307.2900.93%2,540,276-6.503 M
5.2020-03-172020-03-185.2324.7300.79%2,167,9041.088 M

PgsTotal value change: 16.82 million NOK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2020-04-242020-04-243.3333.2000.85%3,319,8870.442 M
2.2020-04-222020-04-233.1493.3331.04%4,045,102-0.744 M
3.2020-03-172020-04-214.0003.1491.29%5,032,0664.282 M
4.2020-03-092020-03-169.9624.0000.556%2,153,00012.836 M