Acadian Asset Management LlcNorway

Summary for all available positions:
Earned 14.04 million on Flex Lng (history)
Earned 30.85 million on Borr Drilling (history)
Sum: 44.89 million NOK

Note: Ongoing positions are updated after the stock exchange is closed. To see todays movement, see active positions.

Flex LngTotal value change: 14.04 million NOK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2020-03-302020-04-03 (ongoing)47.00050.0500.77%417,143-1.272 M
2.2020-03-232020-03-2741.90047.0000.8%436,923-2.228 M
3.2020-02-052020-03-2075.50041.9000.7%382,31212.846 M
4.2020-01-082020-02-0489.00075.5000.64%347,7814.695 M

Borr DrillingTotal value change: 30.85 million NOK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2020-03-172020-03-182.9702.6500.55%621,8300.199 M
2.2020-03-122020-03-167.2202.9700.68%774,0023.290 M
3.2020-03-032020-03-1119.2807.2200.71%804,1959.699 M
4.2020-02-212020-03-0235.40017.4000.6%683,39612.301 M
5.2020-02-062020-02-2044.50035.4000.52%589,5485.365 M